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Both the Stalactite and Bone Caves and follies are in the grounds of "The Caves" and Banwell Tower on adjoining farmland.

The Bone Cavern, follies and Tower can be visited by organised, pre-booked parties of 10 to 20 people form 1st. May to 30th. September.

The Stalactite Cavern is no longer open to ordinary visitors.

Conducted Tours by Banwell Heritage Group

Conducted tours can be arranged for parties of 10 to 20 people from 1st. May until 30th. September. Visits are not usually allowed on Sundays.

Organisers of parties should read the following notes and use the booking form giving as much notice as possible. Any queries about visits please telephone 01934 820516.

The tour will start with a short film showing some of the history and parts of the cave now only accessible to properly equipped cavers. The film is followed by a visit to the Bone Cave and a walk through the woods looking at the follies on the way to Banwell Tower. Then back to "The Caves" for refreshments. Steps with hand rails help with steep parts of the walk. There is car parking. Unfortunately there is no wheel chair access to the Bone Cave.

Time taken for the film and walk can be up to two hours. Distance to the Tower and back to "The Caves" is two thirds of a mile.

Refreshments must be ordered on the booking form. The organiser of the party must confirm the numbers by phone one week in advance of the visit. After orders are confirmed they must be paid for. Organisers of parties are responsible for collecting fees from the party.

An illustrated booklet with a short history of Banwell Caves is available for £5.

All profit from tours is spent on refurbishing and maintenance of the Caves and Follies.

Access to the Banwell Bone Cave and grounds are by permission of the owners, Yvonne Sargent and John M Haynes. Access to the Tower given by Michael Heal.


Guided Tour of Banwell Bone Cave for The Folk House Archaeological Club Members - 12 May 1962

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